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Let the world experience the beauty of Samos

360° UHD HDR Panorama - Show every detail

Step into the future with our 360° UHD HDR Panoramas and Drone Shots. Don’t just show your property, make your visitors experience it as if they are already there. Awe-inspiring, ultra-high-definition, and fully immersive – our panoramic tours and drone shots offer a perspective that’s as close to reality as it gets. Don’t let potential guests merely imagine what it’s like; allow them to virtually step in and explore. Ready for a leap into the future? Start your journey with us today!

WEB Development & Google MyBusiness Account

Boost your online visibility and convert curious browsers into committed bookings with our expert Web Development and Google MyBusiness Account services. In the digital age, a professionally crafted, user-friendly website is not just an option – it’s a necessity. Combined with an optimized Google MyBusiness Account, you’ll ensure your property is not only found but favorably viewed. Start making the web work for you. Begin your digital transformation journey with us today!

Google Street View

Stand out from the crowd and let potential guests explore your property from the comfort of their homes with our 360° Panoramas on Google Street View. As pioneers in digital visualization, we leverage the power of Google Street View to offer an immersive, realistic, and interactive tour of your property. It’s time to let your visitors experience the uniqueness of your space even before they arrive. Make your first impression a lasting one. Start your immersive digital journey with us today!

Clients Voice

"Creating a 360° tour with Müller-Hoch2 OHG transformed our online showroom experience. Their high-quality, immersive virtual tour lets customers explore our Audi Bielefeld dealership in detail, driving up engagement and inquiries. We couldn't be more pleased with their professional service and the results achieved. Highly recommended for any business looking to enhance their digital presence."
Audi Zentrum Bielefeld
Audi Zentrum Bielefeld
"Partnering with Müller-Hoch2 OHG for a 360° tour was a strategic game-changer. The immersive, high-resolution tour they created for ISH Aqua Messe Frankfurt has become an essential tool in our digital strategy. Increased online engagement and enquiries have validated this innovative approach. Their professionalism and results have made them a highly recommended partner for anyone seeking to elevate their digital presence."
Unidelta auf der ISH Messe Frankfuhrt
Unidelta S.P.A

Aegean Explorer Package

perfect for smal Hotels & Guesthouses
  • 3x HDR UHD 360° Panorama
  • 3 Infopoints
  • Your Logo inside the Tour
  • Your Website Link
  • Google Streetview Tour

Hellenic Voyager Package

Complete Tour of your Property
  • 10x (*or More) HDR UHD 360° Panorama
  • 5 Infopoints
  • Your Logo inside the Tour
  • Your Website Link
  • Google Streetview Tour
  • Call Integration
  • 360° Panorama Photo-Video

Please note that the prices for our packages do not include web hosting for the tours. If you already have a hosting solution*, we can work with that. If not, we offer a web hosting service at a rate of €149 per year, ensuring your virtual tours are accessible and run smoothly at all times. *per panorama you need around 300-500mb space on your hosting solution

New Website with 360° VR-Tour

This package empowers your online presence on multiple fronts. Our web development team crafts a responsive website that represents your brand identity and appeals to your target audience. Simultaneously, the 360° tour offers an immersive visual exploration of your property, capturing the beauty and uniqueness of your space in stunning detail.

Together, these elements create a compelling digital experience that not only attracts potential customers but also engages and retains them. Harness the potential of a holistic digital presence with our Website + 360° Tour package.

WEBSITE 360 Package

Complete Tour of your Property
  • Responsive Website
  • Contact Form
  • 360 Virtual Tour
  • Your Website Link
  • Google MyBusiness Package
  • 360° Panorama Photo-Video
  • many more things possible
starting at 2499,-

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